Part Two


by Yixun

Inspiration | monitoring in the dark

The inspiration comes from people's growing sense of being watched, resulting in a lack of freedom to ensure that their privacy is protected. This series of functional glasses can simulate the compound eyes of insects and combine daily life with future technology.
By: Shuming Chen
Ins: shuming. C


The combination of inspiration, concept design and traditional metalwork

Jennifer Wong, RCA alumnus & jewelry designer, explores the concept of surveillance, gaze and censorship in her 2020 collection on the theme of "surveillance".

IMG_9345.JPG IMG_9340.JPGIMG_9341.JPGIMG_9342.JPGIMG_9344.JPGIMG_9343.JPG





Inspiration said | pain jewelry, medicine can also become very cute!

Inspired by the details of "acupuncture and cupping", the new jewelry was created by introducing Chinese tradition and thinking innovation.
BY: Yunqi Zhang
INS: yunqizhang_jewelle


CONNECT primary research


Inspiration double, multi - body jewelry

Conjoined body design is also often used in jewelry design, often used to express interpersonal relationship and other related design concepts. A collection of pieces by jewelry designer Sun Kyoung Kim, which use metal dots and wires to connect them. Clear "join body" structure form, position relation, can learn a lot of reference.


BY. Emily Barrett

There is no shortage of eccentrics in London, and st. martins graduate artists seal plants in clear gels to make permanent floral earrings. I wanted this material to be used in my work, to seal life



Marie Munk and Stine Deja. Sculpture + video. Munk simulates human flesh, creates interactive sculptures and USES them to form a virtual hospital laboratory of the future. In this way, the two artists explore whether robots can "learn" to become human subjects, and whether human "love" and "intimacy" can only happen between people, and whether they will be replaced by machines in the future.


Bojun Li

Bojun Li's work is inspired by machines and architecture. This "hard curve" collection attempts to transform elements of geometric architecture into wearable jewelry, including rings, brooches and pendents, so that it gives people the opportunity to wear a small piece of handmade architecture. Gold - plated, copper and titanium are the main materials of these works. He carved and folded each piece of metal to create geometric shapes and connected them with tiny steel screws without welding to show the possibility of combining small machine components with structural strictures


Inspiration \ "p" Ocean"

Collection of this series is the CSM designer Joarla Caridad potato to make all kinds of bottle cap, her inspiration comes from the pollution of the Marine trash, derived from sea birds eat junk food series, and this kind of food made of material also can be resolved over time, this series of potato cap and is hoping to alert the world of the seriousness of Marine pollution.
I think this work is very novel in the use of food elements, reflecting this element from the side. There is also an element of food in my work, which inspires me a lot and makes me think more


BESPOKE primary research






ALUMNI BY. Sara Chyan

"Jewelry is not only an ornament, but also a medium to express feelings."
This belief is embodied in Sara Chyan's "Emotional Jewelry". When the jewelry comes into contact with the human body, the person's mood or temperature changes, the jewelry's state will also change. From solid to liquid, from monochrome to rainbow. By exploring the metamorphic properties of gallium and bismuth, the jewelry presents different states and colors!
Designers use color to show people's mood changes, which makes me feel very interesting. As it happens, my works also have the relationship between emotion and color, which I hope can give me a lot of inspiration. I am also interested in the materials used by designers and hope to use this material one day


By:Shania Wang

Insomnia is the biggest trouble in modern people. From her own experience, Shania Wang explores how accessories can help and soothe insomniacs in terms of appearance, touch and function. Inspired by cocoons, the series can be worn in multiple ways, with wearers using small objects given to them by loved ones as amulets to gain the courage to overcome negative emotions and thus promote sleep.
This kind of functional work is what I lack. My work has very little functionality. I really hope to be able to do a lot of functional design like this designer


Be who you want to be| Yichen Dong

This is Yichen's personal response to contemporary identity, like her design, which ignores the original purpose and changes in shape and size, even beyond her own expectations. But in the process, they become what they want to be
My partner wanted to break out of his previous character and mood. She wanted to be emotionally diverse. The concept of breaking the design inspired me a lot. This new way of thinking about design is something I need to learn


MOVEMENT primary research


Resonance | © Yichen Wang

The clever design works aim to preserve traditional elements and convey the beauty of shaman culture by deconstructing shaman dance. Using your imagination, you can see the shaman dancing in this little wooden object. Close your eyes and feel the wild rhythms of the original.
This design made me see the charm and expression of dance


BY. Muhua Chen

The collection is based on toys that were played with as children because they represent memories of childhood. The work is fun and interactive, with simple mechanical structures that generate movement and entertainment with the wearer.
This kind of work makes me feel very interesting, because it is very resonant, so I can understand the concept and the meaning of this design


Inspired \ by: Yue Zhou

The clever use of magnetic materials in jewelry design enables the jewelry shape to change at will and enhances the interaction experience between the wearer and the jewelry, which is also full of great interest.
I like the material used in this design very much. It has the function of movement. I hope it can be applied to my design.




Inspired \ by: Vanessa Poon

Vanessa explores ancient massage therapy and combines it with jewelry design.
The circle part of this group of works shows the acupuncture points that help relieve pressure, reminding and facilitating the wearer to dredge the meridians. At the same time, the work is treated with a blue powder coating, which helps to calm the wearer's mind and body and produces a calming effect.
I think this kind of functional work is the part that I lack. I need to learn how to make my work more functional



Twisted Dancers Become Human Sculptures on City Streets

Cie Willi Dorner is an Austrian artist. Dorner has a project about body and space. He USES a group of dancers and puts them into some sports. The imagination of the art show was amazing, and doner placed them so strangely that I couldn't see them at first glance. I couldn't see that it was a human body, it was lumps of color. The concept of using the human body to create sculptures was groundbreaking. This project is undoubtedly a shocking one. This led me to think of many ways to transform exercise. I like it because it makes me think about the problem.


The event of a thread

A thread of the event is made up of many of the nearby and distant cross: body through space, is a writer's hand through a piece of paper, the voice of a paper bag across a room, is a reader across a page and another reader, is heard and said, "is an inscription cross communication, is a handwritten pen across a slot, is a song across species, is hanging the weightlessness of cross call bell or bellows, is the reward of touch by touch. It is a flock of birds and a swing in motion. It's a particular point of motion at a particular time in space. To be honest, I don't know when I liked it, maybe because the movement of the device was caused by the free-will swaying audience, the device had a lot of interaction with the audience, it was moving, and the interaction with the audience was very touching. I think I need to learn how to deal with the relationship between design and audience. I need to think more, so that the audience can understand and experience my design

AHamilton_TJ_3237edit copy_580dpi.jpg

The event of a thread


VIKTORIJA AGNE. Inspired by the mechanical engineering industry, the designer devoted himself to creating a set of powerful and beautiful jewelry designs. Use metal to design a contemporary act the role ofing that feels dye-through.
This design makes me think better about my gear, which is a simple expression that I like very much